Our values

Our Focus:

Nurturing the Character Of Our Campers

Moral qualities, such as character, is a large part of our camp’s values. That’s why we make character building a large part of our teaching, embedding it into most of our activities so that our campers grow in challenges, all while having fun and bonding with fellow campers!

Our Belief:

Inspiring & Growing Leaders

Our vision as a camp is to inspire and grow young adults and preteens into strong leaders, teaching them skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, and confidence as they venture into life. We dedicate our camps to building children up through our fun challenges and lessons.

Our Goal:

Setting Your Child Up For Success

PIQ Kids™ Campz is about teaching children skills that they’ll use their whole life, no matter their career. We focus on important skills such as leadership and teamwork, along with many more! Every day of our camps we introduce new challenges that will work in our lesson of that day, so we keep our campers inspired and engaged.

Our Mission:

Keeping Our Camp Fun & Interactive!

Our top priority is your children’s health and making sure they have fun and bond with other campers, that’s why we teach children valuable lessons through fun and active challenges, so they are involved every step of the way!


About Us

We NURTURE your kids by teaching leadership, team building, confidence, life skills, and problem-solving all WHILE having fun!

Mailing Address

1001A E Harmony Road #360Fort Collins CO 80525United States of AmericaThis is NOT our physical location, see camp location here


Active hours: 9:00am – 5:00pmEmail: info@piqkids.com
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