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Fort Collins Team

Your kids are in great hands! Dave is the founder of LifeMAPP and brings his 25 years of professional mentoring and family counseling experience to PIQ Kids™ Camps. His strengths are leadership and team-building.

Jonathan trains in parkour and Ninja Warrior. He is also a creative writer, and will help your child with skills such as problem-solving and building, along with physical challenges and puzzles throughout the camp!

Lauren is an artist and writer, she will help nurture your child’s creative side with skills such as photography and writing. She will also assist in instilling values such as leadership and teamwork during our camp activities.

Nicole is hardworking, creative, and always eager to help our campers grow & learn more about themselves and what they can achieve. She works to help develop our campers confidence, teamwork, and puzzle skills.

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Toronto Team

Nawaal is very patient, which is one of the many qualities that make her amazing when teaching children skills such as teamwork, leadership, and confidence. She’s a great leader and will show your children how to make the best out of any situation, all while having fun to ensure a wonderful experience!

Daud is cheerful, loves to socialize, and entertain others. Kids enjoy his company and look up to him. He’s also creative, great at organizing, competitive, and loves challenges. Your kids will build their confidence, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills with Daud’s help.


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We NURTURE your kids by teaching leadership, team building, confidence, life skills, and problem-solving all WHILE having fun!

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1001A E Harmony Road #360Fort Collins CO 80525United States of AmericaThis is NOT our physical location, see camp location here


Active hours: 9:00am – 5:00pmEmail: info@piqkids.com
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