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Daud is cheerful, loves to socialize, and entertain others. Kids enjoy his company and look up to him. Daud brings laughter and joy to the camp. He’s also creative, great at organizing, competitive, and loves challenges. Your kids will build their confidence, problem-solving, and communication skills with Daud’s help.

He also has a passion for leadership and teamwork and creatively uses his social skills to influence campers positively and teach them valuable life lessons.


About Us

We NURTURE your kids by teaching leadership, team building, confidence, life skills, and problem-solving all WHILE having fun!

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1001A E Harmony Road #360Fort Collins CO 80525United States of AmericaThis is NOT our physical location, see camp location here


Active hours: 9:00am – 5:00pmEmail: info@piqkids.com
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