These 3 tips will help you create a BIG impact in the life of your child:

1: Make Smart Choices:

You’re constantly making choices and decisions that affect your child, whether or not it directly involves them. Often in a rush to get to the next chore or task, parents will dismiss things that feel ‘small’ like whether a child can attend a sleepover, which summer camp to join, or things like brushing off their tantrums just to gain some minutes of peace.

These are choices that impact your child, both short and long-term. Don’t obsess over them but don’t be quick to dismiss them either. Take the time you need and even push a decision forward—if you feel you need to give it some more thought. These little decisions go a long way into impacting the quality of life that your child will enjoy.

2: Be Mindful of Your Child’s Environment:

We are our environment, those around us help shape our lives. You won’t always be around to protect and teach your child, so what’s the next best thing you can do? Teach them how to choose good friends and be mindful of the environments they are in—school, playmates, dates, after-school activities, and yes, the camps that you register your kids.

Make sure your kids are for the most part, around people who nurture, build, grow, and Support them.

3: Take Care of Yourself

This might just be the most important tip of the three. Take care of yourself. You can only make great decisions and build positive environments for your kids if you are feeling happy and living a balanced life.

Afterall, you can only give your child what you have. If you are struggling, whether emotionally, physically, financially, or otherwise, how much value can you add to your children’s lives?

PIQ Living is a mentoring organization, dedicated to building and growing families since 2003. Be sure to connect for some mentoring and support, if you are struggling. Your child needs you and their happiness/stability depends on your wellbeing.

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