Your child deserves only the best—and in so many ways, you get to influence whether they get the best. You choose their school, their play areas, and influence their most important decisions in life.

Here are 3 tips that will make you an even better parent—by choosing the best summer camp for your child.

1: Pay Attention to the Camp Activities

Kids love fun, and as parents, we want them to enjoy their childhood for as long as they can. But is that all a camp has to offer? Some adrenaline and casual, temporary friendships?

Make sure you take note of the activities that your child will be engaged in, and inquire if you don’t find those details during your search for the perfect camp. Choose a camp that instills life lessons and will impact your child’s life—for good.

2: Who Will Care for Your Child?

Don’t underestimate the impact that role models and adults make in your child’s life. Kids are curious and they are like sponges—soaking in what they see around them.

Be cautious of the people who will be caring for your child. Their values and their thinking/ actions will rub off on your child. Register your child in a camp where they’ll have camp coaches who understand their needs and are able to nurture their unique strengths and interests while helping to guide them in the biggest camp—life.

3: What Values the Camp Is Teaching

Most camps will go on and on about what your child will accomplish at the camp, but what do they really take away apart from some causal laughs and fun?

Make sure the camp you choose for your life offers more than just helping you babysit your kids during the holidays. Find camps that will impact your child for good, with skills such as confidence, problem-solving, and other important life skills that will help them win in the game of life.

Choose a camp that will teach your child great values that they can carry over and use even at home and in school such as teamwork and leadership.

PIQ Kids camp does all of the above and more! Register or contact us so that together we grow and nurture your kids to reach their highest potential.

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