Photography Lessons

The next best thing to great experiences and moments are our memories of those moments where we laughed, spent quality time with our loved ones or saw something spectacular. Photography will teach your kids how to capture memorable experiences in their lives.

Our Approach:
We’ll have special classes for the art of photography, where campers will learn about and also practice skills on bokeh, focus, lighting, and fundamental camera and photo set-up techniques. We will also teach them how to take great photos and make simple edits with their phones, a tool that they’ll always carry with them as they grow.

Electronic Basics

Electronics are all around us, even your kids use them to make everyday life simpler. Your child’s confidence will soar once they learn the basics of how electricity works and what to do when it doesn’t. It’s a skill that will transfer to their classes in school as well.

Our Approach:
We’ll safely teach how electricity works in everyday materials and gadgets, such as light bulbs, light switches, microwaves, and fridges. We will teach starter-knowledge about volts and amps while teaching some basic troubleshooting skills for electronics. Games such as Snap Circuit will be used to ensure safety.

Creative Writing & Thinking

Creative Writing & Thinking is an important skill, whether your child’s passion in life is writing or not. We’re all frequently involved in communication through writing making it a skill that your child will use for most of their lives.

Our Approach:
We will use activities such as storytelling, peer-to-peer notes, presentations, proofreading, and competitions to get campers practicing and improving their writing skills. We will nurture and encourage them to turn their creative ideas into words and later visible projects.


About Us

We NURTURE your kids by teaching leadership, team building, confidence, life skills, and problem-solving all WHILE having fun!

Mailing Address

1001A E Harmony Road #360Fort Collins CO 80525United States of AmericaThis is NOT our physical location, see camp location here


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