Puzzles & Challenges

Puzzles & Challenges will vary between multiple fun puzzles and or challenges, where we will test campers’ teamwork, leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. All are essential skills in nurturing your child to be more aware and competitive in life.

Our Approach:
A large slide puzzle and balancing a bike on a line by only using ropes are examples of our the puzzle and challenge activities. We’ll require campers to work together, to think through solutions and communicate clearly with one another so as to solve their puzzles and win challenges.

Survival & Wildlife

We challenge campers to think outside the box through our survival activities. You will notice how your child starts to creatively help manage problems using basic survival skills—building their thinking, survival, and leadership skills.

Our Approach: 
We’ll take the campers hiking across the beautiful scenery of Colorado, teaching them nature facts and survival skills along the way. We also take a few of our challenges to the adventurous outdoor destinations to compete and think through their survival responses to different scenarios that we will set for them.

Survivor Challenges

In the hit show Survivor, two teams race through physical and mental obstacles. They go through various scenarios where they have to both think individually and as a team. They never truly know who is for or against them as they play towards a win and the people they throw off the game end up to influence whether they deserve to win or not!

Our Approach:
We take our own kid-friendly twist on the classic Survivor obstacles! Our challenges will include: a team balance challenge where multiple teams of campers must stack large wooden die on a base while holding the base steady with ropes, and a wooden labyrinth the campers have to balance with ropes and rotate to get the ball to reach the center of the table. We mix up activities to include physical, mental, teamwork, social, and problem-solving skills all at once.

Orienteering & Map Reading

Orienteering & Map Reading is both a  fun and challenging skill, important to all growing kids. Whether they need to navigate to their school, friend’s house, party or games, it all uses navigation and communication. We prepare your child to be self-sufficient and aware of how to get to places, which goes a long way into increasing their confidence.

Our Approach:
We will create a scenario where two or more groups of campers are given a map with specific coordinates to their team-colored posts. Each team will need to grab a number of objects on the way to their destination—and we make it fun by hiding some treats along their way. Whichever team makes it the fastest with all their objects wins! We use this activity to inspire leadership, improve communication, and teach on how to work/ think as a team all the way to the finish line.

Chess Matches

Chess is a board game that stimulates and improves thinking skills and sharpens one’s ability to predict what their opponent will do. It is fun to watch who outdoes the other.

Our Approach: 
Campers will participate in a life-sized game of chess, competing against other campers and camp directors in a fun strategy challenge! We will test which strategies kids come up with and what they do to get to the winning spot. We will also teach them, how to watch for patterns so as to better predict their opponent’s move.


Charades is a game of communication, where a group of campers will try to figure out what another camper is describing without using their words!

Our Approach:
Instead of just using random words and items, we will make this session add even more value by selecting words and scenarios where campers learn additional information from each description. We do this by teaching what the words mean and what other actions could be used to describe them, so that the meaning is engraved better in their minds.


Escape Room!

Escape Room is a thrilling mixture of puzzles, teamwork, and a test of the campers wits! Players are locked in a room and have to figure out how to get out using a series of clues.

Our Approach: 
A group of campers and a director will be momentarily locked in a room filled with puzzles and clues, and in order to escape, they will have to figure out the mystery or final answer! We make it fun by using this exercise as a test of lessons our campers have learned during the day/week. Those who remember and can figure out the clues are rewarded.


Jeopardy! is a game where answers are given first, and then players have to think about what the question is. There are usually three rounds with rewards increasing as players go from one level to the next.

Our Approach:
In our version of Jeopardy! campers will compete in our own twist of the classic game show of answering questions about history, books, sports, and many more knowledgeable categories! We make it more appealing by setting up treats and small prizes that campers can win while the game tests their skill for thinking in reverse.


About Us

We NURTURE your kids by teaching leadership, team building, confidence, life skills, and problem-solving all WHILE having fun!

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