Tug of War

Campers will participate in a tug of war game, where they are divided into teams, competing against others. Teams will stand at each side of a rope and have to pull the opposing team. The team that is able to pull over the weight of others, wins.

Our Approach:
Aside from the physical challenge, there will be lots of laughter, competitiveness and even frustrations as campers work to figure out what will enable them to win as a team. After the exercise, we will have a short session about experiences and lessons learned, allowing campers to carry over the physical exercise into a learning moment that they can use in their lives.

Corn Hole 

Your kids will compete with other campers in a classic game of corn holes, where two teams face off against each other as they throw their bags into the hole to see who gets the most points! It’s fun, competitive and improves the ability to make/hit a target.

Our Approach:
We will first divide all campers into teams and allow them to compete against one another. The game won’t end with a team victory as it usually does. We will first have them reflect on what they did to win, and the losing team shares what they would do next time. Then, we set up the winning team to compete individually, allowing lessons on both individual/team victory.

Star Drill

The Star Drill is where campers go to selective points of a field, creating a star-like shape, all while tossing small beanbags to the next person, following their throw to the next point as the other camper moves to their next spot.

Our Approach:
During the game, we help kids improve their communication, passing, catching and muscle memory. Also, we help them improve their flexibility, response skills, and teach them how repetition and persistence allow them to perform better. It goes a long way towards helping them persist even when feeling something is boring.

Egg Toss

Egg Toss is a classic teamwork game, where two campers are paired together, starting off up close to each other as they toss an egg between them, before taking a step back each round. The two campers who last the longest wins!

Our Approach:
This can be both a fun and frustrating game. We use the frustration to teach patience, teamwork, and strategy while sharing live examples of how the campers will use these skills in life. We also gauge their management of mistakes, frustrations, and attitudes during the game, helping them improve their response to similar situations in life.


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We NURTURE your kids by teaching leadership, team building, confidence, life skills, and problem-solving all WHILE having fun!

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