Leadership is a core life skill that will make your child stand out from other kids. You will love seeing how instead of complaining, they now seek to improve and solve the frustrations around them, all while helping those around them do the same.

Our Approach:
We will assign tasks and responsibilities to each camper, and by the end of each day, they will report how they feel they did. Additionally, we and other campers will validate and support their efforts. We will also set up simple live scenarios, storytelling time, and problem-solving questions, allowing your child to practice their leadership skills at the camp and even at home/school.


Nobody is an island, and kids need to learn how to work together and maximize each others’ strengths. You will notice that tendencies for selfishness, sibling rivalry, and tantrums drop drastically as your child learns to appreciate the value of teamwork.

Our Approach:
We’ll teach campers the value of teamwork through multiple fun challenges and team puzzles. Their skills such as communication, ability to utilize each others’ strengths, and focusing on others will be tested. Then, we will use their experiences to teach powerful lessons regarding teamwork at home, at school, at social gatherings and their future workplaces.


The ability to understand and connect to the experiences and pain of others will develop your child’s personality and enable them to work better whenever they are interacting with others or leading a project.

Our Approach:
Through teamwork and leadership activities, we will create opportunities where campers have to think about others and how their decisions impact the rest of their team. We set up scenarios that reveal just how much of a difference each child makes when they work to balance between their own and others’ needs. You will notice your child will start caring more about their siblings and the needs at home/school.


Kids are often caught up in their own desires and needs. As they grow, their ability to be aware of their environment and scenarios that affect them becomes critical to their self-development.

Our Approach:
Through simple, everyday scenarios such as interaction, meal times, and competitions, we pause and make room for lessons and awareness regarding choices and consequences. Rushing through activities is not our style, we value quality, and use our program activities to help increase campers’ awareness of themselves, their peers and their surrounding, making them much more competent in the game of life.


Your child is constantly socializing with others, therefore leaving a lasting impression on other people about who you are as a family and the values, beliefs you represent. Impressive etiquette will ensure your child stands out from the crowd and grows to be a person others love to be around.

Our Approach:
Through live scenarios, role-playing, storytelling and activities that teach empathy, we will bring into campers’ awareness, how they make decisions and act around others. We will help them connect the dots between their etiquette towards others, with how outsiders respond to them and their personal needs. Empathy and awareness activities will also allow them to grow their etiquette skills.

Cultural Diversity

Your child is growing in a world where people with different cultures and beliefs are frequently required to work together. We will teach your child to appreciate other cultures, while not losing sight of their own identity.

Our Approach:
We welcome campers from various ethnic backgrounds and culture. During the camp, we have sessions, presentations, and challenges that need to be worked on as a team. Through interaction, problem-solving, challenges, and competition with others, your child will broaden their exposure to others’ beliefs and cultures.


About Us

We NURTURE your kids by teaching leadership, team building, confidence, life skills, and problem-solving all WHILE having fun!

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1001A E Harmony Road #360Fort Collins CO 80525United States of AmericaThis is NOT our physical location, see camp location here


Active hours: 9:00am – 5:00pmEmail: info@piqkids.com
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