Pre-Camp Agreement

Camp Policies & Regulations

Our Pre-Camp Contract

Please make time to read and understand the Camp Policies & Regulations. Then, sign the contract before the start day of the chosen camp.

  • I understand that filling this form and submitting it is a legal contract that binds me to the PIQ Kids™ Campz requirements.
  • I have read, understood the PIQ Kids™ Campz Policies & Regulations, and will abide by them while my child participates in the camp.
  • When needed, I agree to have my child view educational videos as part of their character building lessons at the camp.
  • I give consent that pictures of my child be taken during the camp and used to promote the camp to other parents. I understand that it is important for other parents and the community to learn the impact that PIQ Kids™ Campz is making to kids and families.
  • If my child is sick, has an allergy, a medical condition, or a specific dietary need, I will inform the camp administrators before the start of the camp day.
  • In the event of emergencies, I authorize camp administrators to take steps that will protect my child such as admitting them to a medical care or moving them to a different location. In cases where possible, I expect to be informed before any such decisions are taken.
  • I understand that camp administrators will do their best to cater to my child’s needs and to my child’s best interest.
  • I have reviewed your camp activities and if I need more information, if my child cannot manage certain activities, or if I do not want my child to take part in an activity, I take responsibility to inform you in advance and share the specific reasons.

In addition, please fill in the form below and sign in your initials as a form of your consent to this contract.

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    We NURTURE your kids by teaching leadership, team building, confidence, life skills, and problem-solving all WHILE having fun!

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